Chapman Stick

My first Touchguitar was the Chapman Stick.  I tune it in Ascending 4ths on the Rhythm side with 2 bass strings (left hand uncrossed) and Ascending 4ths on the Lead Side (right hand uncrossed).


The ADG was where I found the uncrossed tuning and began playing seriously.  I currently tune it 4ths/4ths Baritone tuning in the Rhythm and Guitar tuning on the Lead side.  It has passive pickups and a very warm sound.

Warr Guitar

The Warr Guitar is the Artisan model with piezo pickups, midi and has a Double 4ths tuning.  The Rhythm side has 3 bass strings

Box Guitar

I own a 12 string Box Guitar that is 25" Guitar scale.  I primarily bought it as a traveling guitar but I like the sound and the range.  I'm able to go much higher than I can with the other instruments.  Originally I started my touchguitar quest because of Stanley Jordan.  I was not able to make it work on a single guitar, though I tried for years.  The Box Guitar is the perfect solution for those who want the Stanley Jordan sound.  I'm enjoying it immensely...

NS Stick

The NS Stick is a 8 string Bass tuned in 4ths and the strings are split 4x4 with two different pickup routings.


I don't own a Megatar but I once tried one and it was very playable.  It's also affordable and a good option for beginners.