Home of the LinnStrument Course

My record label with my recordings and other friend's recordings  Art/Music for the Soul

Binaural Beats Music

Linnstrument and AndrenaLinn creator and all around great guy!


Warrguitars site, good information source on other artists, tunings, lessons...

Stick is a great resource for education, instrument issues, tunings, artists...


Starrlabs specializes in midi controllers.


You Rock Guitar may seem like a toy but it's an inexpensive way to get into touchstyle playing.


Megatar is a serious touchstyle guitar manufacturer and excellent resource for educational materials, strings...


THE source for soft synths.


Called the Mozart of the Stick.  Bob is a real inspiration.  I have everything he's recorded


Jim was who pointed me in the direction of my own tuning and playing style.  I don't know if I would have arrived where I am without his help.  Jim is a monster player and very cool guy.


I love Rob's playing.  His Youtube videos are a very helpful source of seeing the possible in touchstyle playing on the Chapman Stick.


Greg is one of the early Stick players, does a lot for promotion, education, performing, composing with the Chapman Stick.


Trey is an incredible player who helped spur my interest in touch playing.  His work with Fripp, King Crimson, David excellent.

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