Gear, Amps, Preamps...

The search for ultimate tone and flexibility is never ending and a financial bottomless pit, but it's fun too.

My favorite rack setup is:

Rane SP 13 Stick Preamp, 2 Roland GP-100s, Echoplex with 198 seconds of Loop, Samson mixer PL 1602, Lexicon PCM-80

A simpler rack setup is:

Rolls 1 space line mixer, Lexicon MXP1, Sans Amp PSA-1

I use several amps:

Carvin AG100D - The Carvin works great, is cost effective and has been a recent find.

Roland AC-60 - A great portable amp with surprising volume for it's size. There are two inputs with separate effects and interesting sound shaping. The inputs and outputs add flexibility.

Line 6 AX2 212 - This is the first Line 6 Amp and has an Aux input and Guitar input which works well. It's a powerful amp with nice effects.

Polytone MiniBrute II - If you want the "Joe Pass" thing, this is your baby. It's nice to have two separate inputs but no independent volume control. Who cares! It's powerful and very warm sounding.

Fender Blues Jr. - Another great amp for the money. I use a Y cord adapter to accommodate the single input. The tube sound is great and it's surprisingly loud.

Crate TX50D Limo - Great for buskering! The Crate has a long-life, rechargeable battery and I use it for those settings where you don't have an outlet handy - like outdoors. It has dsp effects and is also powerful for the size and weight.

Fender Acoustasonic SFX II - Great amp but a bit pricey.

Roland Micro Cube - Incredible amp for really portable playing anywhere. Great sound and a lot of power for a small amp.

Roland Cube Street - The best Buskering Amp I've found to date.